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The US alone is responsible for the landfill of 400 million kitchen sponges each year and take up landfill space for 52,000 years. If that’s not a big enough pill to swallow, standard dishcloths are responsible for emitting microplastics every time the cloth is rinsed, washing straight down our drains and into our water systems. Once in the ocean, these micro plastics are either digested by marine life or coral or settle on the sea bed. 

Swedish dishcloths leave no environmental trace. Made from the natural, renewable materials of wood pulp and cotton, these cloths are biodegradable and compostable and will be reabsorbed back in the earth within 8-12 weeks of being composted. 



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100% natural, renewable materials

Suitable for home composting

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Made in the factory of the original Swedish Dishcloths. Printed & packed in Sweden by locals with disabilities.

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Beautiful scandi prints

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Comments from our community

I really appreciate the effort that people put on making a product or sell them that it’s not only concerned of their profit. Our planet it’s our only HOME and YES we need to change our bad habits and think what’s best for the environment first and we adapt to it.

The product itself it’s superb! The care they have on using a no plastic envelope was emotional.

Thank you guys!!!

Will be your client for ever


I was a skeptic but these are great. I've started using them for a lot of things I used to use paper towels for, which is great now that paper towels are hard to find and also great for the environment. I'm using them to wipe up some spills (water, that sort of thing), and to wipe down counters, etc. with kitchen cleaners. It truly doesn't smell after it dries (I really wasn't sure I believed that but it's true) and I love that you can wash them in the washing machine. Pay attention to the reviews that say that you have to wet it before it works because nothing in the packaging says that and it's weird at first. I love these - I'm totally sold!


These are fantastic!
My family is very dependent on paper towels and I was looking for an alternative.
These are comfortable in the hand when wiping the countertop, easy to rinse off and clean amazingly.
They are great for wiping down the stainless steel and don’t leave steaks.
They do get a little discolored from use but that is not a deterrent for me to keep using.
We will use paper towels for drying our hands but these are our go to for everything else.

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