SUPERSCANDI ranked No1 Swedish Dishcloth in Ode Magazine

We're delighted to hear that SUPERSCANDI has come out as the NO 1 best Swedish dishcloth in a recent article by Ode magazine. It's fantastic to be recognised as being the premium dishcloth in what is an increasingly competitive market. It seems that being an authentically Swedish brand with a strong eco-conscience gave us the edge : )

We are one of a very few, selling Swedish dishcloths from the original patent (from 1949), and made from the original factory in the South of Sweden. Most others are made in Germany and have a slightly different design; German cloths have a diamond pattern on the back of their cloths while the original Swedish dishcloth is smooth. Our cloths are also printed and packed in Sweden by local Swedes with disabilities and are then shipped, via sea, to their final destination. We are mindful of making a minimal environmental impact, which has its complexitites when selling world wide. Selecting products that are durable and made from sustainable materials seemed a simple yet sensible start. Our cloths are made from wood pulp from local, FSC forests and waste cotton, the fibres of which are too short to be utilised in textile manufacturing. Our packaging is plastic free and made from corn starch and recycled paper, both of which can be added to your home composting along with your cloth, to be recomposed and regenerated. It's a genuine little life cycle don't you think?

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