The Dos and Don’ts of the Perfect Staycation

Staycation has become the new vacation; a vision that potentially ticks a multitude of boxes but in reality seems insanely difficult to pull off. Here are a few dos and don't to help you navigate your way through a relaxing & rejuvenating break from the comfort of your own home.


Do: Try New Foods

One of the best ways to staycation is to incorporate elements from abroad vacations you find appealing. Food is an amazing way to feel transported, especially if you try something new and exciting. Why not try making a traditional Indian recipe and have some fun cooking, dine on some crepes and fruit Paris-style or 


Don’t: Aim for Productivity

It can be tempting to use vacation time to get work done when you’re staying home, but remember that this is a time to relax. Put your work and chores aside, and just enjoy the time to destress.


Do: Disconnect from Social Media

A really helpful part of staycationing is taking a break from social media and networking. Take your vacation time to really be in the moment and rest, rather than endlessly scrolling or worrying about posting. Too much time on social media isn’t good for your mental health, so taking a break can be refreshing.


Don’t: Schedule Every Minute

It’s good to have some fun activities planned, but keep in mind that this vacation shouldn’t tire you out too much. Trying out a new class or doing some painting can be an awesome way to enjoy your staycation, but make sure you give yourself plenty of time to breathe.


Do: Plan for Some Time Outdoors

Being outdoors does wonders for reducing stress and the fresh air is great for your health. Try to find an activity that lets you get out of the house, whether it’s going for a hike, booking a beginners lesson in a sport that has been on your bucket list forever or rekindling your love for fitness.


Overall, a staycation can be a super fun way to enjoy your time off. Ensure your purpose is centred around interests and indulging in things that relax you and steer well clear of domestic jobs and work commitments.