The World's Best Sleeper Train Adventures

Sleeper trains are an original, eco-friendly way to see a country and when you are running short on time, these trips provide you with fast transportation while giving you a unique sightseeing opportunity. Journey around the world and see the best a country has to offer on a sleeper train adventure!

Paris to Moscow in Style

Cruise across Europe and enter Russia with Russian Railways. This train goes every Thursday evening from Paris Gare de l’Est and arrives in Moscow for Saturday morning. For those looking to ride in style, the VIP section will keep you more than comfortable and offers a private shower. This sleeper train adventure takes you through five different nations and you can expect to enjoy the splendor of each country.


South Africa’s Hidden Gem

Known as a moving five-star “hotel on wheels,” the Blue Train in South Africa is one journey you will wish never had to end. Travel from Cape Town to Pretoria in luxury and enjoy fine dining, elegant lounges and luxury suites while you take in the beauty of South Africa’s rivers, falls and breathtaking savannah.


The Great White North

The Canadian takes passengers across the massive country and gives riders a rare opportunity to experience Canada’s incredible diversity and landscape all in one journey. Travelling over 2,700 miles from Toronto to Vancouver, this sleeper train adventure lets you take in majestic snow-capped mountains, oceans of wheat fields through Canada’s prairies and huge blue skies all in one. Travel through a winter wonderland by taking the journey in winter and see the Rocky Mountains in all their white capped glory.


A Journey to Remember

Make the most of your next holiday with a sleeper train adventure. Trains are an excellent way to get around and can be less expensive than other means of travel. Of course, those looking for a luxury getaway will have ripe opportunity to travel in style. There are many options for sleeper trains - go & explore.