Everything You Need to Know About Swedish Dishcloths - Reusable Paper Towel Replacements



Swedish dishcloths date back to 1949 when a Swedish engineer invented this paper towel replacement. Since then, these cloths have steadily gained an impressive reputation for their environmental friendliness and effectiveness. SUPERSCANDI Swedish dishcloths carry on this legacy and are an affordable, plastic free alternative for households everywhere.

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The SUPERSCANDI dishcloth is an Earth-friendly paper towel replacement renowned for long lasting performance, super absorbency, and being incredibly quick-drying. For the eco-conscious household, these Swedish dishcloths are a must! Our Swedish dishcloths are the perfect paper towel replacement that offer reusability in the kitchen. Each hand towel is made in Sweden from high-quality natural materials – cotton (30%) and cellulose wood pulp (70%) – a combination that provides outstanding absorbency, incredible durability, and excellent scrubbing power while being gentle on surfaces. In fact, a single SUPERSCANDI dishcloth will do the job of 15 rolls of paper towel. Not only is this a greener solution, it also saves you money in the long run.



Since the SUPERCANDI Swedish dishcloth can absorb up to 20 times its own weight, these versatile cloths are perfect for wiping surfaces, washing dishes, and cleaning up spills around the house. These paper towel replacements can be used with water, soap, and your go-to cleaners to tackle spills on counter tops, granite, stainless steel, and even glass.


Our cloths are fast drying so you can avoid the smelly odour regular dishcloths are notorious for, and when you are ready to clean your SUPERSCANDI cloth, just toss it in the washing machine. These towels can be washed up to 200 times, giving you many months of use from each purchase.


Since these paper towel replacements are made from natural fibers, they are designed to break down slowly. When it reaches the end of its very long cleaning life, it can be thrown in a compost heap and nature will take its course. That means, one less cleaning solution clogging up the landfill.


Did we mention that these cloths are odor-free? That’s right! When used for a quick spill or wiping up water, you don’t necessarily have to put the cloth through the washing machine. Simply give it a good rise under the tap, wring it out, and hang it over the faucet. It will dry quickly and without collecting bacteria and producing odors like regular cloths on the market.


When placed side by side with a typical dishcloth, the SUPERSCANDI Swedish dishcloth truly shines. Each cloth is made with a 3D crossed pattern that targets and removes dirt. With quick-drying characteristics, these washcloths keep bacteria out and stay odourless for a clean kitchen. Our washcloths are incredibly absorbent and can take on 20 times their own weight. Where regular dishcloths wear out within weeks, the SUPERSCANDI washcloth is highly durable and can last for months. Don’t be fooled by cheap knock offs. Other brands have tried to replicate our premium cloths, but their formula results in lower quality dishcloths that tear and crumble in a short period of time.


The SUPERSCANDI Swedish dishcloth is an affordable plastic free alternative that makes an ideal addition to any eco-conscious home. These heavy-duty cloths are made from cotton and wood-based cellulose pulp, but our environmental friendliness doesn’t stop there. Even our packaging is eco-friendly. Every cloth comes in 100% recycled cardboard and/or cornstarch-based wrapping. Each cloth is 20 x 17 cm (8 x 7 inches) and each pack comes loaded with 10 durable Swedish dishcloths.


Our cloths are designed to complement a stylish home. Each one has a strong, clean edge and the variety of colors means you will find a cloth to match your décor.


Moving away from single-use cleaning products is a green solution everyone can take part in right from home. Reducing landfill waste and plastic pollution is a global issue that we must work together to solve. At SUPERSCANDI, we believe environmentally friendly alternatives should be accessible for all. That’s why our Swedish dishcloths are affordable and sustainable.


We are confident the SUPERSCANDI Swedish dishcloth will withstand your cleaning needs but if you find yourself unhappy with the results, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

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